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The pharmaceutical company NOOTROPIA is a representative of an innovative approach to the development of neurometabolic stimulants.

After studying the preparations of this group, announced on the world market, we were able to find their tender spots and based on the knowledge we have created a unique nootropics of new generation. The NOOTROPIA staff includes the best pharmacologists from around the world. These scientists do not follow standards and demonstrate their vision of reality.

The essence of this vision is that it is incredibly difficult for a modern person to cope with the information received. It leads to distraction, blackouts, low concentration of attention, insomnia, and a reduction of working capacity.It is not necessary to put up with such consequences because they lead to the worthening of living standards. Using the nootropics of our brand, you can significantly improve brain function and well-being as a whole.

The effects provided by our drugs. As a result of taking the company's drugs, there is an active stimulation of higher mental functions.

It stipulates

* supporting of mental activity;

* activation of all cognitive processes;

* increasing of learning ability;

* increasing the resistance of the brain to negative external influences (e.g. to hypoxia) and high mental efforts;

* mending of cortical control of subcortical activity, thinking, attention, speech;

* increasing of level of wakefulness;

* antiasthenic effect;

* increasing of the body's resistance to extreme factors;

* elimination of anxiety;

* antiparkinsonian and antidepressant properties;

* high level of energy;

* increasing of immune defense.

The reception of nootropics of our company helps to clarify the mind and tune in to productive activities. With them today you can easily do something that you had previously consciously refused because of fear that it doesn’t work out.

Why are NOOTROPIA drugs so effective?

Despite the fact that our company entered the pharmaceutical world market relatively recently, today its products are in very high demand. It is quite simple to explain the success, we add several active components working in different directions at once to each new nootropic. There are some guarantees that appears in a consequence of combination of various mechanisms of action: or Improving of the energy state of neurons. This effect is achieved by the inclusion in the compositions of compounds that increase the synthesis of ATP, make the antioxidant and antihypoxic processes more significant. Increasing of glucose utilization. Glucose is the best energy resource, therefore, its rapid metabolism and high-quality assimilation is especially important during the process of creating neurometabolic stimulants. Improving of microcirculation of the brain. This effect is achieved by optimizing the passage of red blood cells through the vessels of the microvasculature and inhibiting platelet aggregation. NOOTROPIA brand additives also have a pronounced membrane-stabilizing effect. They regulate the production of phospholipids and proteins in the nerve cells, improve the structure of cell membranes. In parallel, they inhibit the formation of free radicals and lipid peroxidation.

The start of NOOTROPIA pharmacologists was so impressive that it is hard to imagine which drugs we will amaze our customers in the near future. After all, those that were released earlier seem perfect and unsurpassed.

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